Sunday, 26 February 2012


Focus & Imagination are the two important abilities that can change your life. Let us take a quick look at Focus.

Directing your focus: Your subconscious mind has a much stronger sense of awareness of your surroundings than your conscious mind. Some suggest it is where your sixth sense comes forth. Your subconscious mind is always switched on, even when asleep. Your sub-conscious mind does just obey orders from your conscious mind. If all you do is focus your conscious thoughts continually on negative things, then your subconscious will obediently deliver the feelings, emotions & memories that you have associated with that type of thinking. AND because those feelings will become your reality you can then be caught up in a never ending loop of negativity, fear and anxiety constantly looking for the bad in every situation. Take for example, when you are sleeping and hear something go "bang" in the night. If you let your thoughts and imagination wander to all the horrible things that might happen then your subconscious will throw up feelings, emotions & memories of past events that you have associated with those thoughts. It is your subconscious way of protecting you and preparing you for fight or flight in those situation. On the other hand if you tell consciously yourself and direct your focus to more rational, calming thoughts then the feeling will subside or disappear.

Some people find it quite easy and natural to direct their thoughts towards a more positive outlook on life and every situation. It really depends on the type of programming your sub-conscious mind and conscious mind has had since your birth. This ability of your conscious mind to direct your attention and awareness is one of the most important powers you have and to create change in your life you must learn to control what you consciously focus on.

Deciding what thoughts you will allow/entertain into your mind will determine your destiny.
What you choose to focus on is what you get. Well, the mind is a very interesting and powerful thing. It only sees/pays attention to what you instruct and blocks out everything else. Have you noticed that people who always complain about everything that is going wrong with their lives only to get more problems? That is because these people focus on problems! You attract into your life the predominant thoughts in your mind. If you choose to complain and focus on problems, that is what you get! More and more of them. You will miss out on all the wonderful opportunities out there. Similarly, if you choose and look out for opportunities, you will see them everywhere.

Go ahead, stop complaining. Focus on what you are grateful for everyday. You will notice a dramatic change in your life. You will start to attract all the good things you ever dreamt about. The Reticular Activating System in our brain does this function. Hence focus on what you want rather than what you do not want. Instead of saying," I do not want to be fat" say " I want to be trim". Instead of focusing on sickness focus on health. What you focus becomes your reality. Hence, take responsibility for your life as it depends on where you choose to focus. Good luck!!

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