Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Happiness is the progressive realization of worthy goals.
4 reasons for not having goals:
1. Not realizing the importance of goals setting.
2. Do not know how to set goals.
3. Fear of rejection/ Fear of being ridiculed
4.Fear of failure.
Goals should be harmonious. Goals should not be very easy nor impossible to achieve. There should be 50% chances of success. Only challenging goals will bring the best in you. The goals should be out of reach but within sight.

1.Decide clearly what you want  in the short, medium and long-term and write them down.
2.Make it specific, detailed. Feel your goals.
3.Goals should be measurable and objective.
4.Goals should be definite, ideal and exciting.
5.Determine why you want to achieve these goals?
6.Set a deadline & sub-deadlines.
7.Analyze the present situation, get facts and be honest to yourself.
8.Identify the obstacles between you and your goals. If you do not have obstacles they are not goals, they would be activities. For example, starting your computer is an activity, it is not a goal.
9.Identify skills required to achieve your goals. Identify 5 to 7 Critical Success Factors.
10.Learn from experts who have paid prices for learning. This is called modelling in NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming).
11. Identify what core competencies will be needed to achieve the goals.
12. Know people & organizations whose help you need to achieve your goals and ASK for their help.
13. Make a detailed written plan with dates.
14. Take action.
15. Be persistent/determined.
16. Maintain forward motion and gain momentum.
17. Get regular feedback and revise the goals if need be.

The following 4 points mentioned in NLP are quite useful in goal setting.
1. OUTCOME: Be clear on the intended outcome first.
2. RELATION: Understand the importance of relationship with the people & the situation involved.
3. SENSORY ACUITY: Be alert & sharp. Observe clearly the happenings around you.
4. BEHAVIORAL FLEXIBILITY: Be flexible in your action taking the feedback and circumstances into consideration.

All successful people have good goal setting skills. Failing to plan means planning to fail. Hence fix your goals and follow them up. Have your sight on the goals, take appropriate action and achieve all your goals in the set time. GOOD LUCK!!

Reference(courtesy): speeches of Mr.Brian Tracy.

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