Thursday, 16 February 2012


Master: Who are you?
Disciple: I am Raj.
M: It is your name. I did not ask what is your name.
D: I am the son of Shekar, husband of Laxmi etc.,
M: That is how you are related to them. That is your relationship with others.
D: I am a Doctor or an Engineer or an Accountant.
M: That is your profession-what you do. Even before you become a doctor you were there.
D: I am a male. I am tall. I am black.
M: You are describing about your body.
D: I am sad. I am restless.
M: That is your feelings. You are not your feelings. You have those feelings. Mind is only a tool with which you feel. If you are sad your mind is not sad. To think & feel, mind is the instrument. To see, eyes are the instruments. To hear, ears the instruments. To smell, nose is the instrument. To taste, tongue is the instrument. To feel, skin is the instrument. When you are eating with a spoon, the spoon is not eating. The spoon does not enjoy the taste but you do. Similarly the mind being an inner instrument does not feel sad but you do.
D: I am confused.
M: You aware that you are confused. Confusion is a  temporary state and not permanent state.
D: I am the Body.
M: Seer of any object is not the object. If you see a fan you are not the fan. if you see the world you are not the world. you can see your body and hence you are not the body.
D: I am the puncha pranas- Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana &  Udana.
M: Prana is responsible for respiratory system. Apana for excretory system, Vyana for circulatory system, Samana for digestive system and Udana is responsible for taking the breath out of the body when you die. You are aware of this puncha pranas hence you are not them.
D: I am my memory. Based on memory I am Successful or I am a failure.
M: are you the memory or you have your memory?
D: I am ignorant.
M: Who told you that you ignorant? You know that you are ignorant. Where from this knowledge has come? You are aware of your ignorance. Hence you are awareness. Not only that, He is awareness, She is awareness, They are awareness and it is awareness. ONLY AWARENESS IS.

Reference(Courtesy): Speeches of Shri.Dayananta Saraswathi.

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