Saturday, 15 September 2012


A.Brahman Is Unattached
Just as the crystal is not affected by the coloured objects, though it reflects them, just as the
sun is not affected by the defects of the eye and other objects, just as ether is not affected, by reason
of its subtlety, so, seated everywhere in the body, this Atman is not affected.

B.Om or the Pranava is the symbol (Pratika) of Brahman. It is the word of power. From Om
this world is projected; in Om it exists and in Om it is resolved during cosmic Pralaya. Om is the
essence of the four Vedas. Repetition of Om with meaning and Bhava will remove all obstacles in the spiritual path. The Hrasva (short) Pranava destroys all sins. The Dirgha (long) Pranava gives Mukti, the Pluta
gives all Siddhis.

C.Mind also is Jada. It is an effect (Karya) of Sattva Guna. It borrows its light from its
source, Brahman. It has a beginning and an end.

D.When one gets Jnana, all Karmas are destroyed. There is no Prarabdha (fructifying)
Karma for a Jnani.

E.From Ajnana (ignorance), Aviveka is born. Aviveka is non-discrimination
between the real and the unreal. From Aviveka is born Ahamkara or egoism; from egoism is born
Raga-dvesha (like and dislike); from Raga-dvesha Karma (action) arises; from Karma the body or
the Deha is produced.

Reference & Courtesy: Vedanta for beginners- Shri Swami Sivananda

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