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A.Butter In Milk
Butter or ghee exists in milk. But where is it? It cannot be perceived. But it is present
everywhere in milk, in each and every drop of milk. There is no particle of milk where butter or
ghee is not present. In the same manner Brahman is present everywhere; and there is no speck of
space where Brahman is not. But Brahman cannot be perceived and It seems to be nowhere. It is the
very essence of cream of existence, but It is nowhere to the eyes of a worldly-minded man. This
illustrates the omnipresence of Brahman.

B.The Chameleon
The chameleon is an animal which changes its colour at any time according to the colour of
the surface it moves on. A person who has seen the chameleon when it is assuming the colour red
says that the chameleon is red. But the other one who has seen it only when it is assuming the colour
green says that the chameleon is green. But a person who has watched the chameleon all along,
carefully, under the tree, knows all its colours, and does not have any more doubts. This is to
illustrate that people who have only a partial understanding of the Nature of God quarrel among
themselves that this is right and this is wrong, God is like this, God is like that, etc. But a
Brahma-Jnani who has calmly watched the nature of the whole existence knows its true nature and
does not have any more doubts regarding the nature of the Absolute.

C.Salt And Water
A particle of salt dropped in a large vessel of water dissolves itself in the water and is no
more perceivable to the eye. But any part of that water, if tasted, is felt to be saltish. In the same
manner the Jiva, on attaining Wisdom, dissolves itself in the ocean of Existence-Knowledge-Bliss
and becomes one with the All. All is felt to be the Supreme Bliss. It is everywhere the same.

D.Sword And Philosopher’s Stone
At the very touch of a philosopher’s stone the sharp iron sword is turned into gold and
afterwards it does not cut, even if it has the appearance of a sword. Even so, the ego of the
Siddha-Jnani or the Jivanmukta, though it has the appearance of individuality and presents a
physical body, cannot bind the Siddha again to rebirth, for it is transformed into Suddha-Sattva by
the touch of the Supreme Wisdom of the Absolute.

E.Chandelier And Electricity
In a chandelier various bulbs of different colour are seen and there is a grand diversity in
their forms. But the basis of the entire light is the one power of electricity charged from the dynamo,
which is the common force of all bulbs, and which has no colours of varieties. Even so, there are
various worlds and creatures of multifarious names and forms, but all are having their basis or
support in the one Power, the Supreme Brahman which is Indivisible and Attributeless, Nameless
and Formless.

F.Happiness Is In The Atman Only
The feeling of pleasure is an internal feeling. There is no pleasure in physical objects,
though they excite pleasure in man. Sensual pleasure is only a reflection of the Bliss of the Atman.
When a desire is gratified the mind moves towards the Atman and rests in the Atman for a very short
time, and the man experiences pleasure. Atman or Brahman only is the embodiment of Bliss
(Ananda Svarupa). Atman is full of Bliss (Anandamaya). Atman is a Mass of Bliss

Reference & Courtesy: Vedanta for beginners - Shri Swami Sivananda

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