Monday, 30 April 2012


Sit upright, raise arms, and spread your legs as wide as possible.

Fold the left leg, with your heel touching the anus.

With your right palm hold the right foot as you bend over.

Your nose should touch the knee.

Then do the same thing with the other leg.

Stay in this position for a few minutes or for 30 seconds three times with each leg.

The same leg and arm should be stretched together.


This posture strengthens the liver and the spleen and, by intensifying the digestive fire and the slight stimulation of the solar plexus, it improves digestion.

Kidneys are strengthened and activated. All the urinary affections can be healed by a constant practice of this asana.

Proves to be helpful in treating hernia and in cases of testicles’ enlargement.
It is recommended to people with rigid bodies.

The sides of the ribcage get stronger.

Indigestion and gas trouble recede and the body becomes flexible. More blood rushes to the sides of the stomach. The middle part of the body is strengthened.

The large and small intestines become more flexible and work better.

Any stomach pain is cured. Back and hip pain will reduce.

Reduces larger waistlines.

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