Monday, 30 April 2012


This asana has its name from a great yogi called Matsyendranatha who used these postures mainly.

Bend the left knee back so that the heel is under the buttocks.

Bend your right knee and swing it over the left thigh, feet down and knee up.

Turn your body to the right, then raise the left hand and place the elbow over the right knee.

Pushing the knee more to your left, hold the left knee with your left hand.

Twist your body all the way to the right hand back, exhale and hook the right leg.

Come out of this position and perform the same twist on the other side.

Necessary Precautions:

We will take care not to push the elbows and the knees too much. The back has to remain straight during the execution. The back rotation has to be done very slowly.

Beneficial effects:

Muscles of the spinal column come to the normal state by preventing curvatures or anomalies and causing the disappearance of existing ones.

Creates a state of immediate well being.

Strengthens the entire body having extremely powerful rejuvenating effects.

Prevents the ossification of the fifth lumbar vertebra.

Fights against constipation.

Intestine, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas are stimulated.

Strengthens the sympathetic nervous system and revitalizes the organism.

Prevents lumbago crises, back aches and even certain forms of sciatica.

Allows us to fight with maximum efficiency against obesity.

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