Friday, 27 July 2012

yogasanas for healthy living

If you see the earlier postings, it would become very clear that if we do the asanas given below on a daily basis we can prevent most of the diseases and live a healthy life. one may do first 10 asanas on day 1 and balance 11 asanas on day 2 and continue in this way.

1 DhanurAsanam     avoided if one has hernia problem
2 Salab Asanam                  
3 PachimothAsanam                  
4 Hal Asanam                  
5 Mayur Asanam                  
6 Sarvang Asanam                  
7 Macch Asanam     counter for sarvang asanam.            
8 Sirs Asanam     avoided if one has high blood pressure.

9 Yoga Mudra                  
10 Uddiyana Bundh     avoided if one has hernia problem            
11 Sava Asanam                  
12 Deep Breathing                  
13 Ashwini Mudra     morning,afternoon & at night before meal 10 counts each time            
14 PadahasthAsanam                  
15 Thrikona Asanam                  
16 Bhujang Asanam
17 Ussert Asanam     initially hands on the floor  for a month ,then only hands on your leg.
18 ArdhaMatseyendra     good for diabetics.
19 Uthkatt Asanam     for flexibility.            
20 surya namaskar
21 Chakra Asanam     counter for pachimothasanam



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