Saturday, 5 November 2011


If our life is a car, the 4 wheels are: health(physical & mental), relationship with self & others, wealth & spirituality. The fuel for the car is LOVE.

We need to love ourselves to love others. All of us are interested in getting positive results in all our efforts. We need to understand that:

Our Results are influenced by our Behaviour
Our Behaviour is influenced by our Attitude
Our Attitude is influenced by our Expectation about ourselves & others.
Our Expectation is influenced by our Belief
Our Belief is influenced by our Values
Our Values are influenced by our Self-Concept.

If we were all brought up with LOVE & Affection, we would have very good Self-Concept. Otherwise we have problems in our life situations be it with wealth or health or relationship or spirituality. Even if we were not brought up with LOVE, we can still have high Self-Esteem by keep saying to ourselves " I LOVE MYSELF" repeatedly before going to sleep, no sooner getting up in the morning and whenever we see a mirror. Please do this exercise irrespective of whether you were brought up with LOVE or NOT, you will see amazing results within a month.Please continue this exercise even after your life situation improves a lot. LOVE IS EMOTIONAL OXYGEN. We need it all the time.

I am sure your doctor & medicine bills are going to come down Drastically & you are going to be in pink of HEALTH, you are going to have BETTER RELATION with your near & dear, you are becoming more & more PROSPEROUS, and you are going to understand yourself better. That why it is said LOVE IS GOD.



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  2. LOVE IS EMOTIONAL OXYGEN is very touching to note.Fully agree with this details.Thank you very much for sharing.