Saturday, 5 November 2011


Everything is ENERGY. Matter is also energy in different form. We are ENERGY. Having optimum energy is the secret of our SUCCESSFUL & HAPPY living. We need to use the energy judiciously. To optimize our energy level we need to know:
1. What are the energy enhancers? AND
2. What are the energy suckers?

NON-ACCEPTANCE of ourselves and the situation in hand causes the greatest Energy block. This leads to ill-health (mental & physical). If we think deep, we will understand that we don't have any choice but to ACCEPT the present moment because it is what "IS". We can't change this, hence it is better/wiser to accept the present moment as it is. The only REALITY we have is the PRESENT MOMENT. There is no existence other than the present moment.

We need to know what we resist, exists. Acceptance of the present moment releases the energy block. Non-Acceptance of the present moment is the main cause for all worries, anger, resentment, sadness, ill-health, strained relationship. By resisting the present moment we focus our energy there and ensure that it not only exists but becomes stronger.

The degree of suffering is inversely proportional to the degree of acceptance of the environment. Intelligent people have the wisdom to change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed. They also have the wisdom to know the difference.

The best way to encounter the events happening in the present moment is to give at least THREE different meanings(naturally positive ones) to it. Doing this not only broadens your world view, also it creates more BEHAVIOURAL FLEXIBILITY for you. Whenever you tend to RESIST anything, observe your breathing and you will find that your breathing is shallow. NOW, before reacting please take a second and consciously have slow and deep breathing. Continue this deep breathing till the feeling of resentment subsides. GREAT!!, now you know the SECRET. PRACTICE IT and ENJOY THE FRUIT. Alternatively you can breath in through your nose and exhale forcibly through your mouth with the sound OOOSSSHHH.

Energy enhancers are acceptance, love, deep breathing, being responsible,forgiveness, humility, laughter, prayer, moderate exercise & sleep, good friends, listening, meditation, positive thinking & positive self-talk,watching jovial movies , smiling, helping, giving, fresh & nutritious food, watching the sky/ sea/nature, drinking adequate water, mudras, playing games etc.,

Energy suckers are non-acceptance, hatred, jealousy, shallow breathing, arrogance, cheating, over-eating, laziness, negative thinking & negative self-talk, complaining, complaining about complaining , enmity, over straining our eyes, shirking responsibility, lack of sleep, undue expectation from self & others, gossips etc.,

NOW you have the knowledge to optimize your energy level. BE AWARE & ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE AND OTHERS AS THEY ARE TOTALLY AND WITH LOVE.

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  1. Dear sir, Great to note your excellent postings.Its my pleasure to go thru this wisdom. As the saying “Build upon strengths, and weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves.” by Joyce Lock - your postings helps very much in strenghthening my self.Thank you. looking forward to more wisdom and great details bye and kind regards - S.Magesh