Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Chakrasana is one of the most important asanas. This asana activates the nerves that pass through the spinal chord. You will feel young and refreshed. This asana corrects hunch back. Spinal chord gets stronger. Discourages laziness and encourages the body to be active. Liver, and respiratory organs are strengthened. Older people appear youthful. It tones the spine by stretching it fully and keeps the body alert and supple. The back feels strong and full of life. It strengthens the arms and wrists and has a very soothing effect on the head. It gives one great vitality, energy and a feeling of lightness.

 You can begin with 3 executions of minimum 15 seconds. After  2 weeks increase the duration by 30 seconds until you reach 3 minutes. Although this position is very good for the heart, people suffering from heart disease will have to practice it gradually. If practiced late in the night it may cause insomnia for certain people. In such cases it must be practiced in the morning or long before going to bed.

From the psychic point of view immediately after the execution of this position, we will experience good humour and spontaneous enthusiasm. If the execution of Sarvangasana causes pain at the shoulder level, Chakrasana practiced as a counter position immediately eliminates this problem. This posture stimulates spinal nerves, eliminates constipation and indigestion, combats gases, and adjusts spine curvature disorders.

It cures rheumatic pain in the muscles of the lower back. It adjusts menstruation. It is an antidote against obesity for both sexes. It is highly recommended for dancers.

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